1. I am trying to locate a 1976 Orange Vette that I owned in the early 80s.
    350 balanced and blue printed, estimated 400+HP on premium only. 4 speed close ratio, 4.56 rear gear. Tuned chrome smooth tube off road exhaust, some baffles removed.Tan interior.I don’t know what was louder the orange or the pipes. Pass everything but a gas station. It was supposedly was originally owned/built by a dentist. I bought it from Roger Ped(t)erson (sp) who may be deceased now. His wife’s name was Doleres. He bought it back from me and I have lost track of it since then. Can you help?

  2. I will let the club know. If I get any information I will let you know. What city and state was the car last seen in?

  3. I understand the club may have a person that can assist in the selling/swapping of a Vette. I have a 1994 Red 6 speed coup. Not sure where to advertise anymore and would be interested in hiring some help in that regard. Jim Davis and Ralph Herrick are familiar with my car. Thanks,

  4. We currently have a policy of not advertising Corvettes for sale/swap for non-members. I am sorry about that. We currently have two Corvette dealers as paid advertisers. I hope you can understand. I would recommend you come to one of our monthly meetings or have Ralph or Jim bring up your 94 for sale and let the members know . Sorry as board members we cannot help more.

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