1. I am trying to locate a 1976 Orange Vette that I owned in the early 80s.
    350 balanced and blue printed, estimated 400+HP on premium only. 4 speed close ratio, 4.56 rear gear. Tuned chrome smooth tube off road exhaust, some baffles removed.Tan interior.I don’t know what was louder the orange or the pipes. Pass everything but a gas station. It was supposedly was originally owned/built by a dentist. I bought it from Roger Ped(t)erson (sp) who may be deceased now. His wife’s name was Doleres. He bought it back from me and I have lost track of it since then. Can you help?

  2. I will let the club know. If I get any information I will let you know. What city and state was the car last seen in?

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