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    What tire pressure is recommended for everyday driving? My 2006 with 40K+ miles has Invo tires on it (probably not original) rated at 51 psi max. I’ve read in other forums that the door sticker usually recommends 30 psi. So far I have been running 35 psi by habit – 🙂 The car does not seem to ride too harshly at that pressure, and still handles very well (with my admittedly sedate driving style).


    Mark Rahn

    I have Firestone Fire Hawks on my C6. Max pressure is also 51 PSI. My door sticker says 30 PSI so that is what I run them at for daily driving. I increase the pressure to around 35 for aggressive driving to offset edge wear.



    My door sticker undoubtedly also specifies 30 psi. I’ll check it, then probably lower them to 32 psi (to allow for a little pressure gauge error).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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