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    Mark Rahn

    The Doug Arney School of Detailing
    By Doug Arney. Pictures by Sheldon Smith
    Today at the seminar I saw many people taking notes so I thought I would provide the information to
    them. Here is a wrap up from the Detailing seminar held in July.

    Do not use dish soap for washing your car. Purchase some brand name car wash product that does not
    damage the wax on the car.
    I use one bucket with the soap and one bucket with just water to rinse the mitt after you wash each
    section of the car. When rinsing the soap off the car allow the water to run off the car as opposed to the heavy spray, which is normally done, this will leave less water spots to clean up later.
    Drying the car after the wash is important in that it will help greatly to avoid more water spots.
    California blades are a good product to use that removes most of the water. In the demo I used a leaf
    blower to remove the water from those tough spots like door handles. I then used Adams detail spray
    and microfiber towels to get rid of all the water. Chamois can be used and have been a stable for years.
    As seen in the demo I use microfiber towels for most everything.

    Adams – gray in color
    Maquiars – blue in color
    Mothers – yellow in color which is the easiest to work with
    Remember Claybar is good for paint, windows, and even headlights. You must apply with something
    very slippery like detail spray. If you drop, don’t take a chance, throw it away. This product is an
    abrasive, very very mild and used by the professionals for years. It removes all of the crap (scientific
    wording) that your cars collects while going down the road or just sitting. It is a very good product and after today you should not be afraid to use it.

    Adams Brilliant Glaze
    Tips: Put on before you wax. You do not need to put this on heavy, a light coat will do just fine. This
    takes minimal effort with really good results. If it is too much work you are rubbing it on too hard. It
    should come off easy, if not, put some detail spray on your towel and it will remove much easier. This is put on with a back and forth motion not your wax on wax off circular motion.
    Brilliant Glaze also can be used on your windshield glass, your wheels after cleaning, and chrome if you
    have any.

    Meguiar’s – NXT Generation 2.0 (liquid)
    Adams – Americana Premium Paste Wax
    NXT 2.0 is a longer lasting synthetic liquid wax that can be applied by hand or a buffer. We used this on Dave’s because his wife drives the car every day to work. This goes on by hand quite easily and also
    comes off the same. If you have trouble taking off again spray some detail spray on your towel for help.
    This product is very durable and cost is between $17-$18 which includes an applicator and microfiber towel.
    Adams Americana Premium Paste Wax is a high dollar wax which has a brilliant show. You use this wax
    sparingly in the circular motion by hand. If it becomes difficult to take off you have used too much and
    again use detail spray on your towel.

    Tire Products:
    Adams Super VRT
    Adams Tire Shine (new product)
    Adams Super VRT gives your car the new tire look which is not glossy.
    You squeeze the product onto a tire applicator for easy installation
    Adams Tire Shine is a new product which gives your tires the shinier look. You use it with a tire
    applicator ( it was the product I sprayed onto the applicator).
    Both of these products are fairly long lasting when it comes to tire products. Because you are applying
    with an applicator it does not leave spills on your driveway or floor like the spray on products or foam
    The shiniest product which I forgot to demo is Maquiars NXT Insane Shine. It is an aerosol that is almost over the top in shine. It does pretty good at staying on the car for some time.
    Microfiber Towels:
    In my opinion one of the better products to use. I buy them from Sam’s Club in a package of thirty and
    the cost is around $10 to $12, I think. This is way better than the automotive stores and the quality is very comparable. If you need a big plush towel this is not what you want.
    Wash these towels separate in your washing machine. I strongly recommend you let them hang dry but
    not outside. I have one of the old fashion racks that I dry about 25 at a time. If you do feel the need to dry in your dryer for goodness sakes do not use a fabric softener sheet.
    You can tell when these towels have run their course, you then use them to clean your wheels or
    chrome or something dirty. These towels are also excellent to clean windows at the house, stainless
    sinks, and your stove top.

    Detail Spray:
    In my opinion the most important and useful product in car care. We used Adams today but Maquiars,
    Mothers, and Wizards are a few of the better ones and reasonably priced. I use Adams because you can
    use in direct sunlight and pretty much on everything on your car except convertible tops and inside
    I wipe down my Corvette and Pontiac after every use. Takes maybe 10 to
    15 minutes and I am ready to go the next time. Because of this I usually wash my car only if I have driven it through a lot of rain and the dirt seems to be caked on. Otherwise it stays clean by detailing it after every use.
    Using the Adams detail spray on your windshield acts a little like rain-ex but not as good. Using it on your wheels brings back a quick shine after driving and it removes those pesky critters that commit suicide on the front of you car each drive. Keeping ahead of the game in cleaning makes you car look better and you spend more time having fun.

    Window Cleaner:
    Window Glo from Burco
    This product is local from Grand Rapids. I have been using this for about 8 years with good results. I
    purchase it locally from a glass place in Three Rivers. Besides your windshield and windows I use it for all glass in the house including mirrors, your stainless sinks and the stove top. It is a very versatile product.

    Wheel Cleaners:
    Although we did not use any on this detail today I do have a product I recommend. This is a product I
    found out about from Don Oman when I had trouble shining up my wheels on my 78. After using just
    about every product available Don finally admitted what product he used. The product is called Met-All,
    a paste that you can purchase from Cloverland RV south of Schoolcraft. They do not have it in stock but
    will order for you.
    This product can be hand applied or applied using a ball with your variable speed drill. You will not
    believe the shine it will bring to your aluminum wheels. As with any type of cleaner polish on aluminum,
    it is hard to rub on and harder to wipe off. I can help you in taking off the product and it is very simple to do. When you start to wipe off the product put flour (yes I did say flour like Gold Medal or Pillsbury from the kitchen) on your towel. It will come off with ease. This can also be used on any of the chrome cleaners. I do not know why, but it works just amazingly.
    I have not found any product better and by using flour to help remove, it has become a much easier
    process. The last step is using an old microfiber towel to put the finishing shine on the wheel.
    Purchasing products:
    I purchase my Adams products directly from them. Once on their email list I receive various discounts
    and free shipping usually. I know that Corvette Central and Ligenfelter’s also are distributors of their
    product. If you have questions about the application of their product you can go to Adams site and they
    have very good demos on all the stuff.
    Maguire’s and Mothers products can be purchased locally at Meijer’s or Wal-Mart cheaper than at an
    automotive store usually.
    I hope the demo today answered any questions you had or doubts about using various cleaning
    products. There are many manufacturers that distribute all type of products and if you have a favorite,
    stick with it if it makes you happy and your car outstanding. If you have any other questions please feel
    free to ask.
    A special thanks needs to go to the DeGoede’s and Eichaker’s for allowing our hands all over their cars
    on a Saturday morning.

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